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  • Pack 518 :: Suwanee, GA

Useful Scouting Links

Official Boy Scouts of America, Council and District Sites

Boy Scouts of America (http://www.scouting.org)

The official web site for the Cub and Boy Scouts. The information you will find here is official documentation. If you are interested in annual reports, official uniform standards, back issues of Boy's Life or Scouting magazine, tour permits and other forms, look here.

BSA Northeast Georgia Council (http://www.nega-bsa.org)

The Northeast Georgia Council was chartered by the Boy Scouts of America in 1935 to provide Scouting programs in twenty-seven counties. These counties included all of the currently served counties along with Newton County (now part of the Atlanta Area Council). Beginning in 1916 there was a council based in Athens and 1928, one in Gainesville. These councils merged to form the Northeast Georgia Council.

BSA Appalachee District (http://www.apalachee-bsa.org)

Pack 518 is a part of the Apalachee District, located in the Northeast Georgia Council area. This web site is good to locate local training and recreational programs.

Boys Scouts of America Retail Online Store (http://www.scoutstuff.org)

Online Store for all of your Cub Scout uniform and supply needs.

Joining Cub Scouting dot org (http://www.joincubscouting.org)

This web site will help you learn all about the Cub Scouting program and how you can join in the fun. Click Here for Spanish version of the web site.

Official 2016 Pinewood Derby Rules (http://nega-bsa.net/cherokee/...)

Official 2016 Pinewood Derby rules sheet for the Northeast Georgia Council.

Boy Scout Troops

Find a Unit Tool (http://www.apalachee-bsa.org/findaunit.php)

BSA Appalachee District provides an easy way to find a Scout Troup near you.


Boy's Life (http://www.boyslife.org)

Official youth magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. Includes articles and information about upcoming issues.

Scouting (http://www.scoutingmagazine.org)

Scouting is the national family magazine for the adult leaders and committee members of the Boy Scouts of America. Their Web site contains a complete archive of past editions going back to 1998..


BSA North East Georgia Council (http://www.nega-bsa.org/training.htm)

Resources for Leaders, Scouts and Interested Parents

Disclaimer: The sites listed below are not official BSA or Northeast Georgia Council web sites. They are here for informational purposes. The information contained in these sites may be valuable to leaders but cannot be guaranteed.

Baloo's Bugle (http://usscouts.org/usscouts/bbugle.asp)

An online Cub Scout Roundtable featuring monthly program hints for Cub Scouters.

Good Turn for America (http://www.goodturnforamerica.org/)

A national call to service by the Boy Scouts of America that will help provide adequate food and shelter and to develop good health habits in our nation. To address these issues, we are collaborating with some of the most respected service organizations working in each of these areas.

These lead organizations, and thousands of other local groups, will work to provide volunteer opportunities for youth and adults to fight hunger, provide shelter, and teach the habits of healthy living.

Nature Find (http://www.naturefind.com/)

NatureFind helps people find nature nearby with information about...

Places – each one is individually selected as a place you can have an experience of nature (and they're not even all outdoors). They include parks, nature centers, zoos, trails, natural history museums, aquariums, wildlife refuges, arboreta and many others.

Events - wow, great entertainment that's inspiring, educational, inexpensive and nearby? See what your local nature places have to offer.

Scout Parents (http://www.scoutparents.org/)

The BSA’s new National ScoutParents Initiative, made possible through the generous support of the Gerald I. Lawhorn family, is designed to provide parents with information and tools so they will better understand the importance of becoming more involved with their Scouts.

U.S. Scouting Service Project (http://www.usscouts.org/)

One of the most comprehensive sites for scout leaders, scouts and their parents. There are separate sites for Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, scouting clipart and scouting information. From the main page, look for usscouts.org and follow that link. For a general overview of what is available, select the site map. Check this one out, and you won't be disappointed.

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"My Bear Scout is better prepared for household emergencies; he seems to know exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens."

Maria Waggoner Pack 518

"My son was shy and slow to build relationships. Now, after many activities, weekend camp-outs, and summer day camp together, my son has formed strong bonds with other boys and feels like he belongs to a special group. I love what Scouts has done for his confidence level."

Christine Burrell Pack 518
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